Cyber Monday Giveaway: 10,000 MYST to 10,000 VPN Users

This Cyber Monday, we’re gifting away 10,000 MYST to 10,000 Mysterium VPN users! All you have to do is use the “CYBER_MONDAY” referral code when creating your account.

(1) Download Mysterium VPN for your Android, macOS, Linux and/or Windows device here
(2) Complete our Mysterium VPN onboarding process and create your account.
(3) Enter the “CYBER_MONDAY” referral code and begin enjoying your 10,000 MYST to your heart’s content!

For reference, 1 MYST gives you approximately:

  • 12 hours of video streaming (0.08 MYST per hour)
  • 128 hours of music streaming (0.007 MYST per hour)
  • 156 hours of browsing the web (0.006 MYST per hour)
  • 10 GB of data in downloads (0.09 MYST per Gb)

Well, what else are you waiting for?

Download Mysterium VPN for your Android, macOS, Windows, or Linux device now for your chance to win!

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