Censorship free internet for all

Safe, secure and affordable.
The first decentralized VPN of its kind.

No more geoblocks.

Bypass geo-blocks and restrictions everywhere. Access whatever you want, wherever you are.

Hide your IP address.

No logs. No footprints. Protect your online activity through a decentralised VPN.

Pay as you go in cryptocurrency.

No subscriptions, no monthly fees – pay in crypto per gigabyte of internet used.

Unlock global entertainment

Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime and more. With MysteriumVPN, access streaming services from all around the world.

Watch your favorite movies, events, tournaments and more with top-tier speed and privacy wherever you are.

Say no to censorship and online restrictions

Bypass all geo-blocks and regional restrictions and censorships. Websites and apps are just one tap away.
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MysteriumVPN guarantees private and unrestricted internet.

Hide your IP address

Mysterium VPN ensures your data's confidentiality by rerouting and encrypting browsing activity.

Secure online browsing

Protect your personal information with an untraceable IP address. No logs. No footprints. Complete anonymity.

Easy access and set up

Whether on your phone, tablet, computer - get unlimited access to worldwide content on all of your devices.

Connect from anywhere in the world.


Nodes/servers to connect from.


Countries across the globe.


Terabytes of monthly traffic.

Compare Mysterium VPN with alternatives.

Mysterium VPN
Fast speed
No centralised logs
Protects all internet connections
Unlocks streaming content
Subject to change
Easy to set up and use
Level of anonymity and privacy
Pay as you go

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a virtual private network that helps achieve anonymity and privacy online by rerouting and encrypting your internet traffic.

VPNs bounces- your internet activity across multiple IP addresses so that your location cannot be traced. Even on public Wi-Fi.

What can I do with a VPN?

Can't find a movie in your local Netflix library? Is twitter banned in your country?

VPNs are helpful and legal workarounds to content restrictions. Just download a VPN service, choose a country IP address to connect to and begin watching whatever you'd like.

That's not all.

VPNs ensure data confidentiality. They protects you against online threats such as hacking, identity theft, and internet service providers tracking and selling your internet data to advertisers.

How is Mysterium VPN different from other VPN providers?

In the case of Mysterium, we reroute your internet activity, not through servers, but nodes offered up by our community members.

Users with unused network traffic can sell their internet to the Mysterium marketplace as a node. Mysterium VPN users can then purchase these nodes to access the internet safely, privately and anonymously.

Traditional VPNs run on centralized infrastructure, which means one point of failure. At Mysterium, we're decentralized; there is no central point of control or anywhere to store your logs. As a result, we can’t track or keep logs of your traffic, even if we wanted to.

What devices and platforms does Mysterium VPN support?

Mysterium VPN is currently available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.

Download now and begin enjoying the internet behind the privacy of a VPN.

Use Mysterium VPN for every device.

Whether you are on your phone, tablet, computer—no matter where you are or what devices you’re using, Mysterium VPN has you connected and secure.

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