Break virtual barriers with a decentralized VPN

Discover a gateway to the open Internet and browse without boundaries.
A decentralized VPN is powered by people, for people.
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People-powered privacy is the future

Borrow a new online identity

Mysterium is powered by a network of everyday people sharing their residential IP address, like the one you have at home. This makes your browsing highly discreet, because you appear like a real-world user. Regular VPNs use datacenter IPs that are routinely flagged or blocked.
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Teleport anywhere virtually

Experience the web as it should be. Access the local internet of over 135+ countries. Jump to another location in seconds and explore the web without boundaries, borders or limitations.

Your history is log-proof

When we say “no logs”, you don’t have to take our word for it. Our decentralized infrastructure means there’s nowhere to store data centrally - we're an empty vault. Regular VPNs make shady deals with 3rd party advertisers, secretly selling your logged browsing data.
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Browse beyond borders

Access local internet of 135+ countries thanks to human-to-human connections.
Countries (VPN Locations)
VPN Servers (Unique IPs)
Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed
Simultaneous Connections

Features of a decentralized VPN

Loved by our community members.
Encrypt everything
Powered by WireGuard®, which mixes multiple encryption protocols.
One button to connect
Designed to be the easiest dVPN app to use.
Built-in safety mechanisms
Our automatic disconnection feature ensures your data will never be leaked.
Watch, listen, play at full-speed
Bypass bandwidth throttling from your ISP and enjoy true internet freedom. No buffering, no spinning wheel of death.
Affordable & flexible prices
Choose a plan that suits your needs. From flexible monthly rolling or annual plans 50% off.
Transparent technology
We’re based on open-source technology. Verify our no-logs claim.
Multi-device coverage
Secure every device and connection, up to 6 simultaneously.
24/7 support
We’re here to help out with live chat on our website or social media channels.

Get privacy & security on personal devices

What our community says

Rowdy C.
Mysterium VPN is known for its superior security, lightning-quick speeds, and a user-friendly interface that makes safeguarding your online presence a breeze.
Cryptic M.
Most Trusted Decentralized VPN service with 20000+ nodes online to serve.
Scott N.
Great and easy to use. Very fast servers as well. Top job lads
Mike B
Very easy to install and configure. I am a huge fan of decentralized networking and this is your best option to do just that. Keep your data private and free of prying eyes. There is even a very active and helpful Discord community!
Aimar. 0
Very good and fast VPN, it's very useful because it uses residential IP from all over the world, so recommended!!
Iyanu G
Best and underrated VPN out there u need to check out. Download and see the magic
Louis P.
I have used this for a while and it is definitely the best! There is a wonderful 7 day free troal and every single connection is to a residential IP address. The price after such is also fairly competitive. Support is fast and reliable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a VPN!
Anon B.
Tried and loved it. I tried the VPN when I first heard that they were a decentralized VPN and haven't changed my VPN since then. It has all the things you need in a VPN and the best thing is their competitive price. I recommend it for everyone, from newbie to tech savvy users.
Michael I.
Nice VPN experience. As far as I know, it is the only fully decentralized VPN available. It is nice knowing no single company has the potential to steal my information, or give it to a government. It was pretty straightforward to set up and use, so that is a plus. It is also cheaper than my last provider.
Nabanshu T.
Extensive server network, global community, and 24/7 live chat support are fantastic features.
Jay S.
Super easy to set up and use, provides access to a huge range of residential nodes across the globe, and it's all decentralized which is a huge plus vs. some of the other VPNs out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

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