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Download the best VPN for Android

Protect your private life with a secure Android VPN.
7-Day money-back guarantee.
Securely access your favourite content wherever you are
Encrypt your Android’s WiFi & mobile data connections
Make your search, download & message history a blank page

Get a trusted VPN for Android

Pick a flexible monthly VPN subscription or special offer.
Monthly plan
$9.99 / per month
Flexible rolling plan.
Get Monthly VPN Plan
Month to month, cancel anytime
Free trial with 7-days money-back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth & devices
6 Month Plan
$6.99 / per month
Get 6 Months Special Offer
Pay for 4 months, get 2 BONUS
Free trial with 7-days money-back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth & devices
$41.94 billed once, every 6 months. VAT may apply.
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Annual Plan
$4.99 / per month
Get Yearly Special Offer
Pay for 6 months, get 6 BONUS
Free trial with 7-days money-back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth & devices
$59.98 billed once, every 12 months. VAT may apply.
2 Year Plan
$2.99 / per month
Get 2 Year Special Offer
Pay for 7 months, get 17 BONUS
Free trial with 7-days money-back guarantee
Unlimited bandwidth & devices
$71.66 billed once, every 24 months. VAT may apply.
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How to get VPN on Android in 3 steps

Encrypt your phone’s connections and communications.
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Download VPN
Download the VPN app for Android.
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Create Account
Register account & choose monthly plan.
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Connect Worldwide
Connect to over 135 countries.
Download VPN for Android

Do I need VPN on my Android ?

Your Android phone is a treasure chest of valuable data, location history, private messages and photos. Mysterium VPN is a simple tool that runs in the background to encrypt your device's connection and make sure nothing is logged or leaked.

Protect your privacy on public wifi

Use an Android VPN while connected to unknown WiFi providers in hotels, airports and cafes to browse anonymously and prevent tracking and personal data collection.
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Securely access your content anywhere

Get secure access to your social media, messaging, banking and other accounts when you're away from your home network.
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Get better deals online

Many websites charge you more for flights, hotels or products depending on your location. With a VPN, you can avoid price discrimination by switching your location.
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Make your history a blank page

An Android VPN makes you invisible and untraceable to surveillance, tracking and even your own ISP. Be anonymous to anyone that doesn’t matter.

The Magic of Mysterium VPN for Android

Encrypt your connections on every device.
Unmatched VPN speeds
Most VPNs will slow down your connection. Mysterium is optimised for high-bandwidth activities, so you don’t have to compromise on speed.
Premium residential IPs
Mysterium is built different. Subscribe to the largest pool of genuine residential IP addresses, like the one assigned to your home internet. This means reliable, discreet, undetectable connections.
The most locations worldwide
Connect to more locations than any other VPN on the planet. Choose from over 135 countries and teleport anywhere you need.

What we do best

Encrypt your connections on every device.
Monthly price (yearly plan)
Countries to choose from
Number of servers
Simultaneous connections
Mysterium VPN
Proton VPN
Nord VPN
Express VPN

Reviews of the dVPN for Android

Mike B
Very easy to install and configure. I am a huge fan of decentralized networking and this is your best option to do just that. Keep your data private and free of prying eyes. There is even a very active and helpful Discord community!
Aimar. 0
Very good and fast VPN, it's very useful because it uses residential IP from all over the world, so recommended!!
Scott N.
Great and easy to use. Very fast servers as well. Top job lads
Nabanshu T.
Extensive server network, global community, and 24/7 live chat support are fantastic features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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