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Mysterium X Ekta Partnership VPN Giveaway!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be giving away yearly VPN subscriptions as part of our partnership with Ekta! Participate now!

December 22, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be giving away yearly VPN subscriptions as part of our partnership with Ekta! 

All you have to do is refer 12 friends and have them sign up to Ekta. There is also Ekta swag up for grabs along with $500 worth of ETH, so don’t miss out!

How to participate

All you need to do is sign up to Ekta and get a unique link. Then, as you share your referral link, every friend who clicks on your link and signs up for the Ekta newsletter counts as a milestone for you. 

With each milestone, you qualify for different gifts!

Milestone 1 - Win a unique digital avatar when you successfully refer 1 friend.

Milestone 2 - Win awesome Ekta swag with 5 successful referrals.

Milestone 3 - Win a year's free MysteriumVPN subscription with 12 successful referrals.

The grand prize for the top referrer is $500 worth of ETH!

The holiday campaign ends on January 8, 2022, and the final winners will be announced on January 15, 2022, so make sure to sign up and start inviting friends now! 

Who is Ekta?

Ekta is a blockchain mainnet working to build an infrastructure integrating traditional industries, businesses, and assets onto their blockchain world, generating cash flow and boosting coin price while also enabling profit with purpose. 

Currently, they’re focusing on two core areas. First is their metaverse - EktaVerse - to be launched in 2022 Q1. It will act as a bridge between the blockchain and the physical world, unlocking the value of physical world assets, such as including public companies, natural capital, and real-world assets, like real estate properties, through NFTs, fractional tokenization, and smart contracts. 

Second, EktaVerse aims to help Ekta realize its core vision and mission of enabling profit with purpose by leveraging blockchain to better the livelihoods of individuals and using blockchain technology to protect the environment and national resources.

By 2022 Q1, Ekta aims to launch two projects in line with its profit through purpose strategy: HAVE NFT ecosystem aimed at connecting US Veterans with real-world organizations empowering Veterans, and MetaTrees (Genesis NFTs for the EktaVerse), a forest reserve scene focusing on planting trees and protecting forests in the real world. 

EKTA v2 will also be launched in the upcoming months across the EktaVerse ecosystem and will be used similar to how ETH is used across the Ethereum Network. EKTA will be used to mint NFTs, swap for Petals F-NFTs, participate in and stake in upcoming EktaVerse games, and more. 

Keep an eye out for developments at Ekta here.

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