Mysterium VPN for iPhone is finally here

Mysterium VPN 2.0 is now available on iOS. Apple users can now enjoy the same level of security & privacy that Android and desktop users do!

June 12, 2023

Introducing the  Mysterium VPN 2.0 Upgrade

When Mysterium launched its first VPN app for Android, our goal was to provide users with access to the open internet in a safe and secure way. We became the world’s first decentralized privacy network that protects anonymous expression and equal access to information for people everywhere. 

Today we’re sharing exciting updates from Mysterium VPN, bringing more online protection and peace of mind to all iPhone users.

Mysterium VPN 2.0 is now available on iOS. Apple users can now enjoy the same level of security and privacy that Android and desktop users currently enjoy every day. 

Any iPhone and iPad user can now plug into our  global network of real residential IPs to start accessing buffer-free, encrypted browsing, streaming and gaming.

Download the iOS app from the Apple Store now.

Why Use an iPhone VPN?

There are a lot of free VPN services out there, but if you truly care about your online privacy, you need a secure and trusted vpn.

Your iPhone is a treasure chest of valuable data, location history, private messages and photos. Mysterium VPN secures your browsing at home and every other WiFi network. It encrypts any connection to hide your IP address, identity and browsing activity from snoops, trackers, government surveillance, and even your own internet service provider.

Use your new iPhone VPN to protect your privacy on public and untrusted WiFi networks, such as in hotels, airports and cafes. This helps you browse anonymously and prevent tracking and personal data collection. Your identity and online activities will be shielded from surveillance, business trackers and even your own internet provider. 

Introducing the Mysterium VPN 2.0 Upgrade

One of the biggest advantages of the Mysterium VPN for iPhone is that it is the first  app in the family to be powered by our 2.0 software. 

Mysterium VPN 2.0 offers a range of new features and functionalities, most notably its refreshed design and ease of use. 

The app’s intuitive interface makes it super easy to navigate and get connected in seconds. Easily switch between different locations with automated connections to the fastest, most stable and most suitable server available in the network.

Spend Less, Stream More

With our new iPhone app, you can enjoy a flexible monthly subscription or sign up for longer-term plans with unlimited bandwidth*. Choose from month-to-month, six-month, or yearly plans. With Mysterium 2.0, one subscription covers all your devices. 

Start enjoying all these features with Mysterium’s free VPN risk-free commitment. Try it for free for seven days and cancel anytime you like. 

Pay Monthly for $9.99
This is our most flexible, rolling plan, allowing you to Cancel anytime. 

Are you a more serious streamer? Get access to a whole year of Mysterium VPN and save 50%. Pay just $4.99 per month with the 12 month package. 

Or go for the happy in-between and enjoy a 6-Month Package, billed semi-annually, saving 30% at just $6.99 per month.

*fair usage policy applies

Connect Anywhere From Everywhere

Tired of slow unreliable servers, third-party tracking, and restricted access? With Mysterium VPN for iPhone, you now have exclusive access to our global network of 15,000+ real, active residential IPs spread across 135 countries - more than any other VPN provider. You’ll get secure online access to whatever, wherever and whenever guaranteed, while also enjoying the additional benefits of residential IPs, as opposed to data center IPs offered by your average VPN service.

At the moment, Mysterium 2.0 is only live for iOS, but don’t worry it will soon be available for download across devices. Be sure to follow up on twitter and instagram, and sign up to our newsletter to be informed when they do drop!

In the meantime, don’t forget to download Mysterium VPN today on your iOS device and enjoy uninterrupted and secure browsing!

Get Mysterium VPN for iOS now!

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