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Top 8 Reasons Why You Need a VPN (Updated 2022)

Here are eight solid reasons you need to start using a VPN now.

September 7, 2022

VPNs aren’t used solely when more private browsing is preferred, or to unlock a restricted piece of content. One of the most important reasons VPN users give is avoiding their data being sold to third parties or handed over to a government.

Earlier this month, Facebook has handed over the private messages between a mother and a daughter to the United States government. The case was about a 17-year-old girl who had a stillborn baby. The police suspected that the teenager had used abortion pills and requested Facebook to hand over the log-in time stamps, photos and messages shared between the teenager and her mother. 

This is just one example of a myriad of ways our information is not safe at the hands of corporations and governments. 

VPNs are becoming more and more important to the way we use the internet. Overall ⅓ of all internet users worldwide use VPN, and the numbers are continuing to grow. 

Yes we know if you are not already using VPN, it might seem like a hassle to pick one, set it up and continue to arrange payments for it. But we will give you 8 really solid reasons why you need to suck it up and do this one time thing for a much better internet browsing experience. (we will give a hassle free, super easy to use option at the very end too)

Top 8 Reasons Why You Need a VPN 

1. To Protect Privacy When On Public Wifi 

When you are out and about using the wifi at your local coffee shop or the airport, you are putting your data in danger. Passwords, credit card information and other important data can be stolen from you while using public wifi. VPN will protect you while you are on these kinds of not trusted networks.  

2. To Anonymously Browse the Internet

On average we spend around 7 hours online every day. Every second of those 7 hours, we leave a trace behind that make up our online profile for corporations, advitisers or governments. VPNs allow you to anonymise IP addresses. You can take extra precautions by using private browsers, tools/extensions and incognito mode.

3. For More Secure Communication 

VPNs provide you with encryption so that your data is protected from the surveillance of malicious actors, governments, ISPs. Some VPNs are more secure than others so be sure to take a look at their privacy policies and whether they log your traffic. 

4. Access Content That’s Geoblocked or Censored 

One of the most popular reasons VPN users site for why they use a VPN is the ability to access geoblocked or censored content online. Whether it is because you are in Italy and want to access the American Netflix or whether it is because you are in Russia and you want to read about the war in Ukraine, you need a VPN to change the location of your residential IP address.

5. Access Websites From Your Office or School Wifi 

Another scenario in which you would want a VPN is when you are connected to your office’s or your school’s wifi. In both cases these networks tend to limit access to certain websites like the social media platforms or streaming services. To bypass these restrictions you need a VPN. 

6. Bypass Bandwidth Throttling (ISPs limiting your internet speed) 

Throttling is when Internet Service Providers (ISPs) intentionally slow your internet speed. There are several reasons for why they do this. Most sited reasons is to regulate traffic. You can observe this when too many people are online simultanously. A second reason may be data caps. If you exceed your data limit how much you can upload and download within that billing month, your internet will load slower. A more ubiquous reason is paid prioritization. This is a so called fast lane. ISPs let certain websites pay to load faster than others. 

7. Bypass Government Surveillance or Censorship 

This one is pretty self explanatory. We live in the age of online surveillance. In order to protect yourself from censorship, scrutiny and surveillance, you are gonna have to use a VPN. 

8. Get Location-Specific Sales/Discounts  

And last but not least, sometimes companies advertise deals for people in a specific location, such as cheap flights out of a certain city or black friday deals on American technology products on Amazon. You can use a VPN to set your IP’s location to a specific location to benefit from these deals and discounts. 

But Which VPN Is Right For You? 

Ok I think we have got you on board with the idea, that you really need a VPN. Now unto the next question. 

“How do I pick which is the right VPN for me?”

There are several things to consider. Most people think about the reliability of connection when they choose a VPN. The stability of your VPN’s connection will influence your experience to a great deal. 

Another factor is how easy it is to use the VPN app or interface. You want something with an awesome UI/UX design that is user friendly.

Thirdly of course you need to think about speed. Can this VPN help you avoid bandwidth throttling. Will it buffer while you are in the middle of a really exciting episode of your favorite Netflix show?

Remember one of the main reasons we use a VPN is to protect our data and browsing history. That is why you need to pay attention to the privacy policy and the logging practices of the VPN of your choice.

You want a VPN that offers you a great selection of server locations  so you can access through whichever region you chose, whether it is to access content or stream shows. 

All of these should come with good customer support and at an affordable price. 

Why You Should Pick Mysterium VPN

Mysterium can provide you with a stable and speedy connection. We also have 120+ server locations and 4 times more access points in 20% more countries our best competitor.*

At Mysterium, we care a lot about decentralization of the web and net neutrality. We do not share or sell your data to third parties. We do not log your traffic centrally, and we have a strong commitment to privacy as a company. This is what motivated us to develop our trustless technology. It is important for us that we contribute the building of a borderless internet. 

We are proud to provide you with excellent customer servise. 

All of these with a Pay As You Go (PAYG) model, you can top up with a min of $1.99. You can pay with Paypall, CC, crypto, gpay, android and in the future you will also be able to set up a one time subscription for recurring payments.

To download Mysterium VPN click here.

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