Mysterium VPN 2.0

Discover the next generation of Mysterium VPN, available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Powered by a global community, Mysterium offers unrivalled online privacy, anonymity and access that puts people and privacy first.

What is Mysterium VPN 2.0?

Mysterium VPN has now been updated with our 2.0 software. Users can now enjoy the same level of security and privacy, with all the extra benefits of our faster, lighter upgrade.

With this new subscription-based app, we are challenging the VPN industry by harnessing the power of Mysterium’s global network of real residential IPs, and combining it with a feature-rich and user-friendly application. 

With Mysterium VPN, you get access to a global network of 20,000+ real, active residential IPs spread across 135 countries - more than any other VPN provider.

You’ll get secure online access to your everyday content and apps, while also enjoying the additional benefits of residential IPs. These are superior when compared to datacenter IPs offered by your average VPN service - slow, unreliable servers with third-party tracking.

What will happen to the current Mysterium VPN app I already have?

The legacy version of Mysterium VPN will still be available and run on your device, but is now renamed Mysterium Dark. 

Mysterium Dark is perfect for those who still want the crypto-first, pay-as-you-go VPN experience. It will still offer the enhanced online anonymity and security you have always enjoyed. 

The Mysterium VPN team believes in giving everyone the freedom to take control of their digital freedom and privacy. 

With both versions of our app on offer, you have full flexibility when it comes to your online protection.

What will happen to my account balance?

Your account balance and settings will remain the same - you can continue using this app and your balance for as long as you like.

For more information on MYST, where you can get it and how you can top up your account, please visit our blog.

What’s different about the 2.0 version of Mysterium VPN?

Mysterium VPN 2.0 offers a range of new features and functionalities, most notably its refreshed design and ease of use. 

The app’s intuitive interface makes it super easy to navigate and get connected in seconds. You can sign up using your email address and never lose access to your account, as the app is password-free.

Easily switch between different locations with automated connections to the fastest, most stable and most suitable server available in the network.

Spend Less, Browse More
With our new 2.0 apps, you can enjoy a flexible monthly subscription or sign up for longer-term plans with unlimited bandwidth*.

Choose from monthly, six-month, or yearly plans. One subscription secures your devices 24/7 while at home or on the go.

7-Day Free VPN Trial Today - No Commitment

To give you a taste of our exceptional VPN service, we are offering a 7-day free trial for mobile, with no commitment required.

Simply sign up, download the app, and start exploring the internet with enhanced privacy and security.

During the free trial period, you will have access to all the features and benefits of our subscription-based app, to fully experience the advantages of Mysterium VPN.

Will I still get access to the residential IP network?

Yes. Mysterium VPN will continue to give you access to the largest network of genuine residential IP addresses, just like the ones you have on your mobile and at home. 

This means reliable connections provided from real-world users, for stable and secure connections.

A residential VPN provides an extra layer of encryption when you access your everyday messaging apps, social media accounts, banking and online shopping.

Your average VPN service typically connects you to centralized datacenter servers, which come with built-in third-party trackers and shady logging practices.

As a residential VPN, Mysterium prioritizes your privacy and seamless browsing experience, as these IPs offer higher-quality connections.

This global network of residential IPs are contributed by everyday individuals like you - the building blocks of a unique community-powered network, creating decentralized VPN infrastructure.

Top VPN Features you always get with Mysterium

Mysterium VPN 2.0 is a new chapter for our encryption technology, but we’re only getting started. 

You still get access to all our other ultimate VPN features…

Turbo Speeds for Buffer-Free Browsing
Enjoy lightening fast connections with zero lags or buffering. Mysterium VPN bypasses bandwidth throttling from your ISP.

The Most Powerful Encryption
Mysterium VPN uses WireGuard®, the highest encryption standard available, to fully secure your connection and traffic for private internet access. 

No Logging (But Really)
Many VPN providers keep logs that are at risk of being hacked lor leaked, leaving your information vulnerable. At Mysterium, we are unable to keep logs centrally.

One-Click Connectivity
With our intuitive interface, connecting to the Mysterium network is as simple as clicking a button. No complex configurations or technical expertise required.

Multi-Platform Support
Mysterium VPN App 2.0 is available for all your iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices, ensuring that you can protect your privacy and secure your internet connection across all your devices.

24/7 Support
Mysterium VPN service offers live chat and email support through our Help Center.