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The best VPN for gaming

Don’t miss a single game this season. Catch the cricket live or tune into the latest NBA streams with Mysterium VPN, your front row seat to your favourite sports subscriptions, at home or abroad.
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Benefits of using a streaming VPN

Encrypt your phone’s connections.
Unmatched speeds
Unmatched speeds optimized for browsing, shopping or video calling.
Real home IPs
Residential IPs that make you appear like a real-world user.
The most locations worldwide
The most locations worldwide. Over 135 countries and 20,000 servers.
Bypass ISP throttling
No buffering, no awkward lags, no spinny wheel of death.
Securely access worldwide
With over 130 countries to connect to, you can privately access your favourite games.
Stream like you’re at home
Forget slow commercial servers and dodgy deals with third party businesses.

Use a VPN for all the most popular games

League Of Legends
Call Of Duty
Dota 2
Dead By Daylight
Apex Legends
World Of Warcraft

How to start gaming with Mysterium VPN

Encrypt your phone’s connections”
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Download the Mystrium VPN app.
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Create account
Register your email & subscribe.
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Connect to over 135 countries worldwide.

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How do I set up a university or corporate Windows VPN for PC?

Use these steps to set up a university or corporate Windows VPN for PC:
  • Click the Start button and select Settings
  • In Windows Settings, select Network & Internet
  • Then, select VPN and Add a VPN connection
  • A dialog box will appear for you to input your VPN provider’s details
Although these steps are relatively simple, you’ll have to manually adjust the Settings on your PC and successfully fill in all the right VPN provider details for it to work. With MysteriumVPN’s Windows VPN, you only have to download the app and click the “On” button.
Keep in mind that a corporate or university VPN is meant to protect and serve the interests of the institution, not necessarily the people using it. ExpressVPN, on the other hand, is wholly designed to protect the security and privacy of you as an individual.

Can I use a free VPN for gaming?

Free proxy services are not recommended for gaming online as they do not offer the same privacy and security benefits of a paid VPN. Many do not work as advertised, some may even sell your data, and most will leave your networks vulnerable to attack.

What our community says

Cryptic M.
Most Trusted Decentralized VPN service with 20000+ nodes online to serve.
Nabanshu T.
Extensive server network, global community, and 24/7 live chat support are fantastic features.
Aimar. 0
Very good and fast VPN, it's very useful because it uses residential IP from all over the world, so recommended!!
Louis P.
I have used this for a while and it is definitely the best! There is a wonderful 7 day free troal and every single connection is to a residential IP address. The price after such is also fairly competitive. Support is fast and reliable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a VPN!
Mike B
Very easy to install and configure. I am a huge fan of decentralized networking and this is your best option to do just that. Keep your data private and free of prying eyes. There is even a very active and helpful Discord community!
Iyanu G
Best and underrated VPN out there u need to check out. Download and see the magic
Michael I.
Nice VPN experience. As far as I know, it is the only fully decentralized VPN available. It is nice knowing no single company has the potential to steal my information, or give it to a government. It was pretty straightforward to set up and use, so that is a plus. It is also cheaper than my last provider.
Scott N.
Great and easy to use. Very fast servers as well. Top job lads
Jay S.
Super easy to set up and use, provides access to a huge range of residential nodes across the globe, and it's all decentralized which is a huge plus vs. some of the other VPNs out there.
Rowdy C.
Mysterium VPN is known for its superior security, lightning-quick speeds, and a user-friendly interface that makes safeguarding your online presence a breeze.
Anon B.
Tried and loved it. I tried the VPN when I first heard that they were a decentralized VPN and haven't changed my VPN since then. It has all the things you need in a VPN and the best thing is their competitive price. I recommend it for everyone, from newbie to tech savvy users.

Frequently Asked Questions

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