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Discover the Best VPN for Travel

Secure your data and devices while traveling with Mysterium, the world's first decentralized travel VPN. Enjoy global connectivity via a community-driven network with more than 20,000 residential IPs across 135+ countries.
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How to use a VPN in a foreign country

Encrypt your connection abroad
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Connect to over 135 countries worldwide!
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The largest VPN network in the world

Use your favourite everyday apps & websites no matter where you are in the world.
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Benefits of using a VPN for travel

Enjoy full internet privacy away from home network.
Global connectivity
Plug into the largest global VPN network. Switch locations in seconds for secure browsing, messaging and content access while on the move.
Stream or work like you’re at home
Borrow a genuine residential IP addresses, like your own one at home. This provides a truly local browsing experience, as you appear like a real-world user.
Buffer-proof speeds
No lag, no spinning wheel of death. Bypass any throttling efforts by local providers and watch, listen, play or video call with zero interruptions and maximum internet privacy.
Online privacy
Anonymise your IP, hide your location. Become untraceable to trackers, hackers and even your ISP. Your search, download and message history is a permanent blank page.
Zero logs (but really)
We can’t store logs, even if we wanted to. Our decentralized architecture makes it impossible - there’s nowhere to store your data centrally.

5 reasons to use a VPN for travel

Changing your IP address and encrypting your connection makes you anonymous and secure.

Take your apps & subscriptions with you

Geo-blocks can prevent you from accessing apps and websites you rely on every day while traveling. Some services may even deny you access when logging in from a different country if they don't recognize your local IP address. With a travel VPN you can connect to your home country and securely access your banking, social media, work, and subscription accounts while on the go.
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Securely access your content anywhere

Traveling or working remotely will often mean connecting to unreliable or unknown networks. Use a VPN for travel to encrypt your connections everywhere so you can work or play with peace of mind. Perfect for connecting to work files or meetings remotely, making bookings, and messaging home.
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Get better deals online

Depending on your location, many booking websites charge you more for flights and hotels. With a travel VPN, you can avoid price discrimination by switching your location and book better deals for your holiday abroad or while hunting for local accommodation when you travel top locations.
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Borrow a new identity & browse discreetly

Most VPNs connect you to slow datacenter servers, which are often blocked or flagged by websites. With a decentralized VPN (dVPN), you get access to a world-spanning pool of genuine residential IP addresses for global connectivity. Get discreet, undetectable connections and discover nextgen Internet wherever you may be.

What our community says

Scott N.
Great and easy to use. Very fast servers as well. Top job lads
Mike B
Very easy to install and configure. I am a huge fan of decentralized networking and this is your best option to do just that. Keep your data private and free of prying eyes. There is even a very active and helpful Discord community!
Michael I.
Nice VPN experience. As far as I know, it is the only fully decentralized VPN available. It is nice knowing no single company has the potential to steal my information, or give it to a government. It was pretty straightforward to set up and use, so that is a plus. It is also cheaper than my last provider.
Aimar. 0
Very good and fast VPN, it's very useful because it uses residential IP from all over the world, so recommended!!
Cryptic M.
Most Trusted Decentralized VPN service with 20000+ nodes online to serve.
Jay S.
Super easy to set up and use, provides access to a huge range of residential nodes across the globe, and it's all decentralized which is a huge plus vs. some of the other VPNs out there.
Rowdy C.
Mysterium VPN is known for its superior security, lightning-quick speeds, and a user-friendly interface that makes safeguarding your online presence a breeze.
Louis P.
I have used this for a while and it is definitely the best! There is a wonderful 7 day free troal and every single connection is to a residential IP address. The price after such is also fairly competitive. Support is fast and reliable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a VPN!
Nabanshu T.
Extensive server network, global community, and 24/7 live chat support are fantastic features.
Anon B.
Tried and loved it. I tried the VPN when I first heard that they were a decentralized VPN and haven't changed my VPN since then. It has all the things you need in a VPN and the best thing is their competitive price. I recommend it for everyone, from newbie to tech savvy users.
Iyanu G
Best and underrated VPN out there u need to check out. Download and see the magic

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