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Be invisible with one button.

Get more online privacy and a secure connection to browse, work, watch and play anything online.
Mysterium is your daily VPN powered by multiple encryption protocols.
Get Mysterium VPN
Be anonymous to anyone that doesn’t matter
Make your search, download & message history a blank page
Hide from invasive trackers, snoops & data collectors
“No logs” is not a policy, it’s not even a possibility

Borrow a new identity everyday

Your phone and computer can easily become your biggest risk and threat to online privacy. To explore the web safely, you need to secure your device's connections and become invisible. Mysterium VPN replaces your personal IP address with a different one, so your real location and identity cannot be tracked or linked.
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Premium IPs for undetectable browsing

Mysterium VPN offers a global pool of residential IP addresses, like the one you have at home. This makes your VPN connections highly discreet, because you appear as a real world user. Regular VPNs use dirty IPs that are routinely flagged or blocked.

Experience the web without boundaries

The whole world is online, and Mysterium VPN lets you explore it safely, no matter where you are. Experience a borderless internet from the safety of your home. Protect your phone and computer while traveling abroad, accessing your everyday apps and websites securely.
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Features that prioritize your privacy

Transparent technology with nothing to hide (except for you)
We’re based on open-source technology. You can see just how powerful our encryption really is - and verify our no-logs claim.
World-class cryptography
Mysterium VPN is secured by WireGuard®, which mixes multiple encryption protocols. It’s also designed to be more efficient and faster, especially for mobile devices.
Safety mechanisms
Even if your internet connection is unstable and drops, for example from switching from WiFi to mobile data, Kill switch blocks your connection so your IP is never exposed.

What our community says

Iyanu G
Best and underrated VPN out there u need to check out. Download and see the magic
Scott N.
Great and easy to use. Very fast servers as well. Top job lads
Michael I.
Nice VPN experience. As far as I know, it is the only fully decentralized VPN available. It is nice knowing no single company has the potential to steal my information, or give it to a government. It was pretty straightforward to set up and use, so that is a plus. It is also cheaper than my last provider.
Anon B.
Tried and loved it. I tried the VPN when I first heard that they were a decentralized VPN and haven't changed my VPN since then. It has all the things you need in a VPN and the best thing is their competitive price. I recommend it for everyone, from newbie to tech savvy users.
Nabanshu T.
Extensive server network, global community, and 24/7 live chat support are fantastic features.
Mike B
Very easy to install and configure. I am a huge fan of decentralized networking and this is your best option to do just that. Keep your data private and free of prying eyes. There is even a very active and helpful Discord community!
Rowdy C.
Mysterium VPN is known for its superior security, lightning-quick speeds, and a user-friendly interface that makes safeguarding your online presence a breeze.
Cryptic M.
Most Trusted Decentralized VPN service with 20000+ nodes online to serve.
Louis P.
I have used this for a while and it is definitely the best! There is a wonderful 7 day free troal and every single connection is to a residential IP address. The price after such is also fairly competitive. Support is fast and reliable. Would recommend to anyone looking for a VPN!
Aimar. 0
Very good and fast VPN, it's very useful because it uses residential IP from all over the world, so recommended!!
Jay S.
Super easy to set up and use, provides access to a huge range of residential nodes across the globe, and it's all decentralized which is a huge plus vs. some of the other VPNs out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

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